Jak zakladac

How to insert them:

  1. Insert you bio-thermal inserts rolled up tightly into your shoes trying to push them as far as possible into the tip of your shoe.
  2. You can adjust them to the length of your shoe by trimming off only the heel part. You should not cut off the sides of the inserts but fold them onto the sides of your shoe insides because they affect many receptors situated on the sides of your feet.
  3. Because your inserts "remember" the shape they were initially placed in, you should insert them into your shoe in such a way so that they "nestle" your feet evenly on both sides.
  4. The inserts are to be used in closed footwear. They may be used throughout the whole season in e.g. low shoes, sandals, closed-heel pumps, boots or sports footwear. Your shoes should be loose fitting. The inserts should not be used in tight footwear so that the blood circulation is not blocked.
  5. Please wear the insets printed side up.
  6. Should the inserts slide out from your shoes, please use double sided adhesive tape in three points. It is not recommended to use the inserts in shoes other than the ones they were initially placed in.
  7. The inserts should not be worn touching a bare foot directly. Cotton socks with terrycloth soles should be used while wearing the inserts. Nylon or elastic socks should not be used with the inserts as they do not absorb sweat.
  8. Your should wash your inserts once a week (using a brush and a mild detergent e.g. soap and then rinsing them under running water) because products discharged by feet are accumulated in the grooves in the inserts.
  9. You should not give your own used inserts to another person nor use somebody else's inserts for hygienic reasons.
  10. Washing your feet and changing your socks often is an inseparable element and a prerequisite for achieving positive effects in using the inserts. These two conditions improve the removal of excretion products from the body.
  11. During the first month of using the inserts, you should change your socks a few times a day to facilitate and improve the removal of excretion products from you body. After that period, you should change your socks at least three times a day.
  12. Additional application of felt inserts positively influences increased body purification, especially when you do not have the possibility to change your socks often e.g. at work. The felt inserts should be placed on bio-thermal inserts.
  13. Your may use the inserts for a few hours a day according to how you feel with them, preventively - every second day.
  14. Persons with blood circulation disorders in the area of their feet should use the inserts for a slightly longer periods.
  15. In case of arterial stenosis, cerebral aneurysm, confirmed atheromatous plaques as well as high blood pressure and high sugar level, it is recommended to start using the inserts for 15 minutes every several hours, and gradually reduce the intermission periods.
  16. The inserts wear out only due to walking, especially in places of the most pressure, which is under your heel and toes. The inserts lose their resilience and flexibility, they become thinner, "beaten" and stop working. They should be then replaced with new ones. This depends on the weight of the users and the time of their application.
  17. The inserts that are not used may be stored even a few years. They do not lose their properties.