Piokal as a manufacturer of bio-thermal products

Since the beginning of our activity its main purpose is to protect what is most precious to man - health. We use this natural, self-regulating ability of the body. We manufacture and sell inserts bioterminczych, to assist in preserving and maintaining the health, fitness and beauty.

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Insert biotermal
How does it work?

The aim of the inserts is to increase body temperature and improve blood circulation. The inserts give the effect of warm feet in patients with impaired microcirculation in diabetes and peripheral atherosclerosis. Using daily, thermal correction method of shielding their own energy, hands and...
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Mask cosmetic

Mask cosmetic Piokal stimulating cellular metabolism, regenerates and moisturizes the skin. After just a few days after its application notice smoothing fine wrinkles. After 12 - 15 days reduced also the deeper, and the best results are achieved after approximately 6 weeks. PIOKAL the use of a...
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09 03.2016
I have been using bio-thermal inserts for over six months now.
I have been using bio-thermal inserts for over six months now. Spinal pain, ischialgia and intercostals neuralgia symptoms have resided. They are completely gone. I am locomotory efficient, I can bend down and perform all everyday activities.
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10 08.2015
Information obtained from members of the Polish Association of the Blind
Bio-thermal inserts have changed my life within two months. My problem was arterial hypertension, hindering my private and professional life. Everything's changed about a month ago. I wake up spontaneously after 7.5-8 hours of sleep, I feel rested and in high spirits.
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