I have been observing people using bio-thermal inserts for 1.5 years now.

I have been observing people using bio-thermal inserts for 1.5 years now. Patients suffer from various disorders and ailments: rheumatoid arthritis, spondylarthrosis with sciatic neuralgia, lower limb muscle atrophy, limb ischemia ("cold limbs"), atopic asthma, spastic colon, hepatic cirrhosis. All those people wear bio-thermal inserts as well as felt inserts, exchanging them once in a while according to specific recommendations defined in the information leaflets. I know approximately 50 of such people. Their condition improved or they were healed altogether. I also used such inserts as well as my 42-year-old daughter. I suffer from C type hepatic cirrhosis. Within 1.5 years my liver reduced its size by approximately 7 cm, the pains are gone, just as flatulence and digestion disorders. My daughter suffers from hemi-paresis of the left side following brain cyst surgery (third ventricle, in 1971). The motor fitness of the paralysed limbs improved, the spastic condition of her left calf receded. My 16-year-old grandson, who suffers from a mild thoracic spine curvature, is a volleyball player and experiences back pains, whereas at times when he uses the inserts the back pains disappear. My daughter-in-law is a PE teacher and during the periods when she uses bio-thermal inserts she discovers that she is in a much better condition. I know many more people using those inserts with positive therapeutic effects, whereas I and my family will continue to use the inserts.