Information obtained from members of the Polish Association of the Blind

Information obtained from members of the Polish Association of the Blind in Przysucha:

"Bio-thermal inserts have changed my life within two months. My problem was arterial hypertension, hindering my private and professional life. Everything's changed about a month ago. I wake up spontaneously after 7.5-8 hours of sleep, I feel rested and in high spirits. I control my arterial blood pressure which is 130/80 on average lately, and it has never exceeded 115/65 before. My friend, who had a very shallow sleep and frequently suffered from insomnia, sleeps perfectly and feels wonderful since she has used the inserts."

"I was constantly weak (dizziness at weather changes and strong winds, frequent headaches, neurosis, problems with the circulatory system). After 2 weeks of using the inserts I felt more energetic. At first my headaches seemed to intensify, but the spells of dizziness greatly reduced. Now I am also free from headaches and I am happy."

"My spinal pain disappeared and sinuses have been cured."

"This is a wonderful invention - it acts as bio-currents do."

"I would like to express my thanks for that effective invention I use to treat Burger's disease. After approximately 4 months of using the inserts my recurrent phlebitis and arteritis disappeared. God Bless!"

"The result is incredible! I have suffered from continuous pain in my feet, knees, I have had sleep disorders and unstable blood pressure for over three years. All symptoms are now gone. I wake up stronger, more relaxed. I sleep like a young girl. My blood pressure seems to have regulated as well."

"I am truly happy. The inserts brought relief in pain and rheumatism."